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The Boys from the Jersey Shore are Back

Yes, folks… the news is true.  Jersey Shore is back for another trip down the shore!  We broke the news earlier this morning that MTV’s massively popular hit is being revived in 2018, this time around being called Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Little has been revealed about what will go into the revival, although we do know that one of its original cast members will not be involved (Sammi ‘Sweetheart’) as she is not listed in this current cast.  Who is listed, however, are all the original guys from the show.  Need a refresher?  Well here you go.

The men from Jersey Shore were shirtless for a good portion of the three years that they filmed down there, where pretty much all of them had some form of physique going on as they put on “the shirt before the shirt” and whatnot.  But who was your favorite exactly?

Let’s take a look back at their shirtless moments and you tell us who your favorite is.

Back in 2010, Ronnie, Mike and Vinny (Pauly wasn’t there)graced the cover of The Village Voice’s Queer Issue, which apparently was unbeknownst to them.  When they found out, it looked like it didn’t bother them.  As it shouldn’t quite frankly, do you think we tuned in for the Jersey Shore scenery?

Now, let’s run down each guy.

🎥 is done ! Back to GTL🇮🇹🔑

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The one I most want to photograph

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The Shirt Before , The Shirt Before The Shirt …….

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