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Category : FAQ

What to expect on your first shoot

First of all, relax. Literally the worst thing than can happen is some bad pictures, so there’s no reason to be nervous. For your first shoot, there’s a few things you should be prepared for…. Bring your ID. I have no choice but to check and make sure you are over 18. Feel free to bring anything you think will enhance a photo. Jewelry, sporting goods, unique clothes, anything you think looks good. Bring your best fitting pair of jeans. […]

Can I bring my Girlfriend?

Well, the short answer is no. However, I understand that might require some explanation. There are a few reasons I don’t allow girlfriends. wives, or significant others on set. It’s distracting. The model is usually more interested in pleasing the guest than in getting a good shot. It also tends to make the model very self conscious. I am really not set up for spectators. Part of the process, especially early on, is for us to figure out whether or […]

No…I do not want to photograph your girlfriend

Yes, I know she is hot. Yes, I know she is a model. Yes, I know you want to do this for her. None of that changes the fact that it’s not what I do. It’s like asking a tax attorney to handle your divorce. The lighting is different, the posing is different, and women are edited in a completely different way. So it’s nothing personal, and has literally no bearing on any specific person.

To shave or not to shave

That is the question. Long term, many models choose to include both natural and shaven shots in their portfolio. In preparation for a specific shoot, obviously, it would depend on the specifics of the shoot, as some specialties ( Body makeup, etc) work much better when shaven, On the other hand, the natural look is getting more and more commercial exposure. If you are prepping for a first shoot or a general portfolio shoot, here are some suggestions. If you […]

Will you be in my area?

Admittedly, i used to travel literally across the country to work with models, fitness professionals, and bodybuilders.  Unfortunately, when I returned to NEPA from New York City and Las Vegas, to care for a disabled family member, my ability to travel became very limited. I do whatever possible to make the travel easier for models who wish to work with me. I am located in Hazleton, PA, easily accessible from Interstates 80 & 81, as well an the Pennsylvania Turnpike. […]

Don’t Be this Guy!

I am not going to tell anyone whether to tan or not, but there is no denying that a little color can make the muscles pop. So if you decide to tan, whether by being sprayed down or by laying under some hot lights…NO TAN LINES! I often repeat the story of a client who lost a lucrative job because of tan lines. It was an underwear job, he was told in advance that we didn’t know exactly what styles […]