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Don’t Be this Guy!

I am not going to tell anyone whether to tan or not, but there is no denying that a little color can make the muscles pop. So if you decide to tan, whether by being sprayed down or by laying under some hot lights…NO TAN LINES!

I often repeat the story of a client who lost a lucrative job because of tan lines. It was an underwear job, he was told in advance that we didn’t know exactly what styles he would be asked to wear, so no tan lines. He however, had a paranoid fear of burning his privates (this was before Mystic Tan), and decided to wear his boxer briefs. Well, the day of the shoot arrives, they hand him his first pair, and they leave about an inch of pasty white skin at the waist and thigh. The makeup artist couldn’t get a match and the client didn’t want to invest in the significant airbrushing, so he got fired.

Long story short, tan lines are tough to fill in with makeup, and if we try to do it in photoshop, we lose a lot of definition. It’s better to have no tan than bad tan lines. If you do have them, and it’s too close to shoot time, let me know so I can try to have some makeup handy and plan to minimize them

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