First of all, relax. Literally the worst thing than can happen is some bad pictures, so there’s no reason to be nervous.

For your first shoot, there’s a few things you should be prepared for….

  • Bring your ID. I have no choice but to check and make sure you are over 18.
  • Feel free to bring anything you think will enhance a photo. Jewelry, sporting goods, unique clothes, anything you think looks good.
  • Bring your best fitting pair of jeans. Brand or cost not important, it’s how they look…it can be a pair of shredded Levi’s
  • At various points we may use stuff to make you shiny, or use dirt makeup, or fake sweat, or whatever, so be prepared to take a shower as I doubt you want to drive home covered in Muscle Up or MUFE Sweat gel. I stock shower gel and shampoo, and even some styling products, but feel free to bring anything you need to make your hair look right.
  • Please make sure you read through the other entries and FAQ’s. Feel free to ask any questions.
  • Keep me updated as to any changes in schedule.