That is the question. Long term, many models choose to include both natural and shaven shots in their portfolio. In preparation for a specific shoot, obviously, it would depend on the specifics of the shoot, as some specialties ( Body makeup, etc) work much better when shaven, On the other hand, the natural look is getting more and more commercial exposure.

  • If you are prepping for a first shoot or a general portfolio shoot, here are some suggestions.
  • If you currently don’t shave your body, don’t start in preparation for a shoot. Discuss it with the photographer, but the decision can then be made based on how you photograph and your specific marketing plan.
  • If you do currently shave, so so with adequate time for any redness or rash to clear. If you do have razor burn, tell me in advance, so I can either prepare to cover it with makeup, or fix it in post processing.
  • Make it natural, if you look like Sasquatch from the waist down, and hairless from the waist up, it will look silly. So keep it consistent.
  • Again keep it natural, no need to shave shapes or anything else into your body hair….don’t laugh, I have seen a guy with a lightning bolt shaved into his body hair (we won’t discuss the location)